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I am hoping this will be just the beginning of sharing the various ways

we prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas….

Prophecy Boxes

Each night the box is under the Tree
with something new inside…
Along with the scripture,
I also include a little treat of sorts for each night
As we start out with the birth of Jesus,
move on to his ministry, and end Christmas Day with…
Please share (or link to) some of your treasured traditions!

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I didn’t even realize I did it until after I did it.

I hollered.

Just belted out this screamy-gurgly-holler.

All I did was pick up a stick outside and a darn wasp stung me! It hurt. Then I hollered and did that thing where you grab the boo-boo inflicted area and don’t want anyone to look at it or breathe on it. After a minute the pain became more dull. The kids asked if I was ok. My forearm got red and puffed up a little. And I walked inside thinking…

I thought, “you know….sometimes in life you just get ‘stung’…and sometimes your reflex is just to holler.” It’s true. And it’s ok. I thought of how people often seem to think they need to look like they have it all “together”…even when we get ‘stung’…like we should just quietly get stung, tough it out, and barely appear to have even bitten our lip.

No. no. no.

It hurts. Big stings, little stings, wasp stings, bee stings…’life’ stings.

Sometimes you get stung. And sometimes you just need to holler!

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Congratulations to Hope Marshall!!

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