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We usually run Tuesday and Thursday nights together as a family…2 or 3 miles. I generally go for a couple more on my own.

It’s been quite hot and humid here in the South, so we’ve only been running a couple of miles after 7 or so in the evenin’. However, I was feeling a bit stressed and tense yesterday. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint any one factor, but a nice run always seem to help my stress level. I wanted to go for that reason alone, even though it was sultry. I also knew that since we hadn’t gone on Tuesday because the temperature was up over one hundred (we opted for some interval training at home that evening!), it wouldn’t be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for me. Going several days without running generally makes it hard for me to get goin’ again.

Before I left, I stopped by Books Should Be Free

I usually do not run with music, but I felt like I might need the company with the heat, humidity, and lack of running up to that point!

And….I am so glad I did! It only took a few minutes to get Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (an all time favorite of mine) from the website, to our iTunes, and onto my husband’s phone. I grabbed some headphones, and we were off!

The fellas ran the first mile with me, then opted to practice guitar, play on the swings, and read a chapter of their book together. I, however, ran three more miles by myself…or rather with fine company of Jane Austen! The hot, sweaty, humid time flew by!

A wonderful, familiar book

~like an old friend~

3 miles for just myself

~leaving my stress behind on the pavement~

Talk about Mother Culture!?!?!



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