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I’m gonna do it.

I’m going to change up our homeschool schedule!

Not the “daily” part of it so much, rather, the “year”.

I’m well aware that one of the beauties of home educating is the flexibility. I tell people that very thing all the time. However, I’m finding myself reluctant to utilize that beautiful flexibility. I know it’s just because it’s going to make things a bit ‘different’ for us. {My husband and friends keep reminding me that I am ‘different’, and changing up this schedule is the least of my ‘differences’!} 😉

Thankfully, there are plenty of people on the web sharing a variety of ways in which they’ve structured their homeschool year. Some are on three months and off one. Some keep the same schedule all year long. Some take off one week per month, and so on! I love seeing the diversity and how it works/doesn’t work for families, often depending on seasons they’re in or other circumstances.

We’ve always taken some sort of break during the summer months. We’ve continued lessons year ’round for quite some time now, using the June, July, and most of August as a time to do half-days – maintaining a few subjects and/or projects. The past couple of summers here in the South has been scorching. The reality is, it’s often that way. We just tend to forget and say the same ole things every summer….

“Man, it’s like someone turned on a hair-dryer out there.”

“This heat is just miserable, and that humidity….”

“I break out in a sweat just looking out the window.”

It’s almost as if we’re surprised 🙂

Sure, my crazy kids still play outside quite a bit, but during the hottest parts of the day – this morning at 8:55 a.m. it was already 93 degrees Fahrenheit – they’ve been coming in to cool off! It’s the kinda hot and humid that just isn’t terribly enjoyable. We go for a swim a few times a week, and that’s pretty fun. However, things like a hike or picnic just aren’t all that appealing…if lots of cold water isn’t involved, you give it a second thought.

Soooooooo….while we’ve tossed this idea around several times (and TONS of other families already do it), we’re going to change our months “off”. We’re going to start the school year with the calendar year in January, taking October, November, and December as our time when we pare down our lessons to half days! It’s just so much more pleasant that time of year where we are. It’s much more feasible to take an afternoon hike or head to the park for a picnic or trot down to the creek to see what we can find! Fall is our family’s favorite season, so it makes sense for us to have that time to spend doing more leisurely kinds of things, and enjoying the outdoors (during a time when it’s honestly just more enjoyable!).

Of course, I keep trying to talk myself out of it simply because we’ve never done it this way. It just makes sense fur us, though.

And, really, if it doesn’t work…so what? We change it back, right!?


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